New Concept of Pearl Jewelry – More Exciting, More Stylish

When diamonds, crystals, and other different kinds of colored-gemstones are popular, designers and jewelry fans never abandon pearls due to their enormous range of shape, color, size, and the variety of other jewelry they easily mix with. Not only this, but they are more affordable than ever. Nowadays, pearl jewelry design is becoming more and more diverse, rather than staying simple Bonnie Jennifer.

With the rapid development of production technology and fast change of consumer’s interests, now you can find pearls in any colors. Other than traditional black and white, colors such as yellow, gold, pink, violet, green, blue, purple are available. Also many shapes besides round, such as stick, teardrop, square, heart, star, diamond and asymmetrical can be found.

Modern pearl jewelry style is not limited to the pearl strands any more. Designers mix pearls with other stones, such as crystals, diamonds, and other various colored-gemstones. Even simple creations with just pearl and metal, such as gold, platinum or silver, designers can still think of numerous new ideas to make the piece of jewelry in many different stunning styles. Stones or metals add more life to pearls. On the other hand, small pearls sometimes can be used as decoration for other stones. For example, medium size grey silver oval pearls, each of which is half surrounded by a few small size green and white crystals, are connected by a thin platinum chain together with another pair of same style earrings, is a perfect set for bridals. A string of three-layer small size bright pink pearls decorating nine or ten big size light pink quartz, which radially display at the lower part of the whole piece, is a good choice to wear in your birthday party.

The various designs of pearl jewelry make it suitable for all occasions. For a formal business banquet, stylish you can wear a bright black or gold pearl strand. In your office, you can just wear a simple chain with a pearl pendant. A strand of multicolor pearls connected by sterling silver set off casual jeans. When you go to visit friends or eat out, a necklace of pearl with multiple stones, such as crystals, beads, agate, or even corals is suitable.

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